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Port Bannatyne Breakwater Navigation Light

Position: End of Breakwater.

Latitude: 55 51.771 North. WGS-84 Datum.

Longitude: 005 05.148 West. WGS-84 Datum.

Range: 2 nautical miles.

Flashes Red every 4 seconds.

Safety Contacts

HM Coastguard - Clyde: 01475 729988 (now re-routed to Belfast Coastguard) or call Belfast Coastguard on 02891 463933.


RNLI: 0845 122 6999


HM Customs and Excise 'National Yachtline': 0845 723 1110


Crinan Canal: 01546 603210

Where to find us:

Port Bannatyne Marina Kames Bay Marine Road

Port Bannatyne PA20 0LT

Phone: 01700 503116

Office Opening Hours: 0900-1700

Dredged to 2.4 meters Below Chart Datum

Accessible at all states of the Tide

Breakwater Navigation Light

Position: End of Breakwater. 

Lat: 55 51.771 North.

Long: 005 05.148 West.

Range: 2 nautical miles.

Fl Red 4s.

See additional detail.

Berthing Enquiry

To enquire further about long or short stay berthing call us now on 01700 503116 or complete our contact form and we will call you back.

Visitor Berthing

Call us on VHF Channel 37 (M1 or P1) or 01700 503116. Visitor berths may be available on pontoon D [See Marina Map] by arrangment, space permitting.

News and Events

Click here for our latest news and events taking place both in Port Bannatyne and the Isle of Bute. 

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